Solid wood furniture

Why choose Solid wood furniture?

Solid Wood Furniture

Historically, solid wood has been the choice of material for furniture, and for good reason!

The Industrial Revolution brought about new materials such as Plastic and Metal for furniture, unfortunately, causing a slight decline in solid wood furniture. Nevertheless, the timeless quality of real, natural furniture still persists even today. Now more than ever, homeowners are appreciating its 'back to nature' uniqueness, heres why:


Many other materials that make up furniture today can not boast the durability of solid wood. with a little maintenance and a touch of care, a piece of solid wood furniture can last a lifetime.

Wood is a diverse, versatile and resilient materia. It can be reshaped, reformed and even recycled. This makes it one of the most valuable, ecologically responsible materials in modern society. 

Easy maintenance

When finished correctly, wooden furniture needs little maintenance in the home. To clean, a dry duster every once in a while is just about all you will need. Periodically re-oiling on relevant pieces will keep surfaces in tip top condition, even when exposed to heavy use. 

Unique Pieces

Each piece of wood is slightly different, you will never have two pieces exactly alike. Subtle differences define each piece of furniture, and give it the warm characteristic only solid wood provides.

You will notice beautiful grain patterns, knots and slight variations which in the hands of a skilled craftsmen, bring a piece to life.

Solid wood furniture unveils a beauty which cannot be matched by man made materials. A metal desk will never have the character of its wooden counterpart. Each piece you own will be a one-off, completely unique to anything else in the world.


Unlike plastics, wood is a sustainable resource when sourced and harvested responsibly. It's our duty to only use wood from sustainable sources that replenish more than they take, by using this sustainable timber, we can actively reduce our carbon emissions. 

When wood is burnt for fuel, for example, vast amounts of carbon is released. By using wood for furniture, carbon is locked away from the atmosphere, keeping the planet a happier, healthier place.


Other materials have a tolerance, there properties may not allow you the privilege of creating exactly what you want. With different crafting and colouring techniques we can aim to enhance our furniture and not cover up its beautifully unique characteristics.

You can see that solid wood furniture is worth the investment, the flexibility of choosing a piece that not only fits perfectly, is the colour you really want, has a unique style, and can be changed and altered as time and tastes change. It is safe to say, you can't say that for a metal chair or a plastic coffee table. 

Hooray for Solid wood!

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