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5 reasons to buy a solid wooden desk for your home office

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5 reasons to buy a solid wooden desk for your home office

Solid wooden desks are durable, sustainable and stylish options for any home office. They offer multiple benefits, making them the best choice for your office.

A beautiful solid wood desk is the perfect choice for your home office. If you're settling in for the long haul, you need a desk that's up to the task. And what better option to choose than a desk made from solid wood, which has been a popular material for furniture throughout history?

Picking the right desk for your home office is important if you want your office to be comfortable, look good, and serve you well for years to come. A solid wooden desk could be the right option for you if you're looking for something sturdy, stylish, and more than worth the price tag. There are several factors to consider when you're deciding whether a wooden desk is right for you and exactly which desk you should choose. This guide will help you to pick the right desk to suit your needs and your home office.

The Top Benefits of a Wooden Desk

A wooden desk can offer you some excellent benefits that you might not get from a desk made of metal, glass, composite materials, or anything else. The natural durability of a wooden desk makes it the perfect choice for someone looking for something solid.

Here are the top five reasons to buy a solid wood desk instead of a desk made from any other material.

1. Durability

If there's one good reason to buy a wooden desk, it's how durable solid wood can be. Furniture has been made from wood for hundreds of years, and there's a good reason for it. A well-made piece of wooden furniture can last an extremely long time if it's cared for properly. Wood is extremely resilient when it's kept in the right conditions and receives a little maintenance to keep it looking and functioning as it should.

2. Sustainability

The durability of wood also makes it a really sustainable option for your next home office desk. Because it lasts so long, it's a responsible choice for furniture. Some people think it's best to steer away from natural materials like wood if they want to be sustainable, but the most important thing is actually to ensure the wood has been sustainably sourced. Wood lasts for years (sometimes even centuries), which means you will be reducing waste by preventing the need to buy another desk any time soon.

3. Aesthetics

Of course, a solid wooden desk can look beautiful too. If you're designing a stylish home office, a wooden desk can take pride of place. There are so many different types of desks and styles that you can consider so that you can get the right desk for your needs. Wood is very flexible and amenable to being treated in different ways, so you can paint it, varnish it or leave it bare for a beautiful, natural look. It's so easily combined with other materials too, so you might choose a solid wood surface with sleek metal legs for a modern look for your desk.

4. Easy to Maintain

You might think that wooden furniture is difficult to maintain, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Most wooden furniture needs very little maintenance, although a little love and attention can keep it looking good for longer. The most important thing is that a wooden desk has the right finish, which will help to protect it from damage. You can help to keep wooden furniture looking good by re-oiling it now and then, or perhaps giving it a new coat of varnish or re-staining it.

5. Value for Money

Solid wood furniture is also great value for money. The initial price might be higher compared to some more cheaply-made desks, but a wooden desk is going to last you a long time. By choosing a solid wooden desk, you're making a great investment that's really going to pay off. The right desk could be with you for years, decades, or even the rest of your life. Some wood furniture will even survive long enough that it can be passed down to others in your family or go to another home to continue to make someone else happy.



What to Consider When Buying a Wooden Desk

If you're thinking about buying a solid wood desk, there are some key factors to think about before you make your purchase. There are many different choices, and getting the right desk for your needs is essential. So what exactly should you consider when you're looking for the perfect wooden desk?

Size and shape

The size and shape of the desk that you choose are crucial to take into account. You don't want to buy a desk only to find out that it doesn't actually fit in your home office. Before you start looking at desks, make sure you take measurements of where you want your desk to go. Some people might have plenty of space to use, but others might need to limit the size of their desk or get the right shape to fit it neatly into the required space.

If you're dealing with a small home office, you can still get a desk that you love. There are smaller desks that are perfect for compact spaces, as some different shapes to explore that can be ideal for small offices. L-shaped desks and corner desks can be ideal for getting the most out of small spaces.


Keeping your budget in mind is always important when you're buying new furniture. You need to have a reasonable budget that allows you to buy a quality desk, but you probably have a limit on how much you're willing to spend. For a solid wooden desk, you're likely to see prices starting at around £200, although there are also some slightly cheaper options. Considering your desk could last for years, that's a pretty good deal with a quality piece of furniture.


Of course, the style of the desk you choose is one of the most important factors to consider. You want a desk that will go with the rest of your home office or even the overall theme of your home interiors. You can explore desks that fit different interior styles, whether you like vintage, industrial, Scandi chic, mid-century modern, or other styles. Wood is such a flexible material and can be used for many different styles to suit your tastes.


As well as looking at different styles, you can also consider the colour of the desk that you want. Wood comes in a range of natural colours, depending on the type of wood used and the finish that is given to it. You can look at desks that show off their natural colour or you can explore desks that have been treated with a stain or varnish or even those that have been painted to offer an even broader colour spectrum. The neutral colours of a wooden desk are perfect for anyone trying to cultivate a calm and natural feel in their home office.


You can also benefit from thinking about the main purpose of your home office desk. Will you mostly be using it for your laptop or desktop computer? Do you need somewhere to put other accessories, such as speakers or a keyboard? Should it double up as a gaming desk in your spare time? Or perhaps you will be using it for other activities, such as drawing, which will require you to use the space a little differently. This can influence the size, shape, and style of the desk that you choose.



Types of Desks

You can explore different types of desks when you're searching for a solid wood desk for your home office. Various types can be suitable for different purposes and fit into different home office spaces.

L-shaped and corner desks

L-shaped and corner desks are ideal if you want to fit your desk into a corner in your home office. Perhaps your office is small or it doubles up as your bedroom or another room. An L-shaped desk can save space by slotting into a corner, while also giving you a large surface to use. They can be ideal for anyone who uses more than one computer screen or monitor, or if you need two separate spaces for different activities. They can also provide space for accessories such as printers.

Writing desks

Writing desks are a traditional desk style designed for writing by hand, whether it's letters, essays, fiction, or anything else. Modern writing desks are also ideal for setting yourself up with your laptop or any other device that you choose to write with. They often have a drawer for storing stationery and papers and might have other spaces to put your writing utensils in easy reach.

Executive desks

An executive desk is the ideal choice if you're looking for a desk with a good amount of storage. If you have lots of paperwork you need to file away or somewhere to keep your office supplies, an executive desk could really work for you. They typically have built-in drawers or a filing cabinet to provide you with plenty of storage space.

Computer desks

Most of today's office workers work with a computer in some way. A computer desk is designed with this in mind, offering a space that's built to fit your laptop or desktop computer. Many computer desks include monitor stands, so you have somewhere to place your monitor away from your keyboard, mouse, or other essentials. This frees up space and provides you with a full working space across the rest of the desk.


Key Features to Look For

When you're considering the different styles of desks, you might want to look for some key features that meet your needs.

Drawers and storage

Drawers can come in several styles in solid wooden desks. Some drawers are slim and discreet, hidden away in the desk until you need them. Other drawers are a bit more visible but can offer you more space to organise your things. An executive desk can give you multiple drawers so that you have plenty of space to use. Other types of storage, such as flip-top storage, can also be a useful feature.

Monitor stands

Monitor stands are another handy feature, usually found in computer desks. You might choose a desk with a monitor stand if you use your desk for multiple purposes. It frees up the desk space so that you can use it however you want.

Leg style

The style of the legs on your desk is definitely worth considering, as it can affect the amount of space under the desk, and the overall look and feel. The legs might also be made from wood, or they could be metal legs for a stylish and sturdy finish. Some styles include hairpin legs and X-shaped legs.

Why Choose a Solid Wooden Desk Over Man-Made Materials?

Many desks that are not made from solid wood can offer a similar style and overall finish, plus they might be cheaper too. So why should you buy a solid wood desk instead? The truth is that solid wood is much more durable and offers you a unique piece that you're not going to find elsewhere. From the natural whorls of the wood itself to the design of the desk that you choose, you can get a wooden desk that's really special.

You can find a desk that fits your existing decor and interior design to help your home office look beautiful. At Muju, our bespoke colour and sizing options mean that you can choose the perfect design to match your tastes and look stunning in your home office. We offer multiple options for the width and length of your desk, as well as customisable colours to get a stunning natural wood that you love.

Check out our desk styles and variations of our products to find a beautiful solid wood desk that you are over the moon with. We have a range of styles and desk types to suit all home offices and all types of home workers.


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