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What's the best desk for my home office?

Home Office Wooden Desk

Finding a desk that fits and suits your working style is key to working from home effectively

Our guide will run through a few details to look out for in your pursuit of your perfect home office companion.

The layout of your chosen room has a big impact on which desks are suitable for your needs as we have come to realise during the work from home revolution.

  • A corner desk can offer plenty of room and actually make the most of the room without void awkward spaces
  • For a smaller room or rented accommodation you may need a very simple style desk that is sturdy enough to double up as an occasional dining table.
  • Replicating a full on office environment from home is always going to come with challenges, but desk with storage elements are going to be a must to declutter what likely to be a smaller space than you are used to.
  • Working a desk into a multipurpose room such as the corner of your living room may require some aesthetic consideration and perhaps complementing existing decors and styles.


What should I consider when choosing a desk?

  • How big do you want the desk to be? – Go for the largest home office desk that fits comfortably in your space, as you can never have enough work surface. A standard two-drawer desk will measure around 1.1-1.2meters wide. If you are in a really tight spot a desk with smaller shallow drawers or just one drawer might be the best idea. Really short on space? Check whether an existing office chair you use will fit underneath it. Typically, a home office desk is around 72-76cm high. Some work from home desk may have adjustable feet to help with minor adjustments here.


  • Does the desk offer storage space? If your compact home office has no room for additional storage, consider a desk with drawers and perhaps a monitor stand to free up valuable desktop space for working.
  • What is the desk made from? The majority of looks-like-wood desks are made from laminated particle board or MDF.  Look out for descriptions mentioning ‘wood effect’ and ‘engineered wood’ to help you understand it is a composite material that you are getting.  You will pay considerably more for a desk finished with real wood veneers or a desk made from solid wood. However real wood desk comes with a feel and character often unique to that particular piece, it’s a one off and as such becomes much more than a slab of laptop support! You could knock yourself up a reclaimed wood pallet desk for a lot less if you’re a budding carpenter.

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